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Project Description

Gladesville Bridge Marina currently consists of 50 floating berths, 44 swing moorings and approval for 5 boat cradles. It is proposed to increase the amount of floating berths to 115, with 15 moorings. It is also proposed to decommission the slipway and provide an additional eight car spaces in this location.

Pulse Acoustics conducted an extensive Noise and Vibration Assessment of the potential operational and construction activities of the marina. The project involved extensive noise monitoring of the existing acoustic environment, as well as current marina activities.

The potential noise impacts of the project were assessed using a 3D noise model created in iNoise V2020.0. The noise model takes into account the site terrain, surrounding structures, ground absorption, receiver locations and location of noise sources. The noise model provides an accurate prediction of potential noise levels at the surrounding receivers.

A number of operational scenarios were assessed, covering multiple areas of the expanded marina. Construction activities including piling were also assessed.

The noise impact assessment recommended suitable noise and vibration control measures to ensure that the amenity of industrial and residential receivers is maintained.

Client organisation: Gladesville Bridge Marina
Value of work constructed as a result of the commission:  Unknown