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Project Description

The Airtrunk data centre is to be a world class facility located in Lane Cove West. The data centre will feature a multi-storey building, with externally housed generators, chillers and transformers. The development proposes to include 106 air cooled chiller units on the roof with 116 low voltage generators and 116 transformers on external platforms.

The project involved an extensive assessment of potential noise impacts to surrounding industrial and residential receivers. A 3D noise model was created in iNoise V2020.0, taking into account the site terrain, proposed and existing buildings, ground absorption, receiver locations and location of chillers, generators and transformers. The noise model provides a state of the art prediction of potential noise levels at the surrounding receivers.

A noise impact assessment was conducted, recommending noise controls to ensure that the amenity of industrial and residential receivers is maintained.

Pulse Acoustics also provided noise and vibration monitoring services during the construction stage. Pulse utilised equipment to continuously and remotely monitor noise and vibration levels from a neighbouring site. This enabled the proponent to adjust construction activities in real time when required

Client organisation: AW Edwards
Value of work constructed as a result of the commission: Unknown

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