• ŸGlebe Park AAT Proceedings 06/11 – Casino Canberra & ACTPLA ats APG.
  • ŸHarvey Norman Distribution Centre, Sydney – L&E Court noise assessment.
  • ŸLiquor Administration Board representation (Mosman Rowing Club, Northern Suburbs Rugby Club).
  • Pitt Town Sand Mine, Sydney – L&E Court noise assessment of proposed new sand mining operation

Hearing Conservation Assessments

  • ŸRichmond RAAF Base Occupational Noise Exposure Assessment (current)
  • ŸColby-Demag Production Facilities
  • ŸRocla Sleepers Factory
  • ŸDiscount Freight Express – dispatch facility
  • ŸLIR Australia – manufacturing facility
  • ŸNumerous occupational noise assessment for the NSW Mining Industry (Common Law claims against the mines)
  • ŸNoise exposure assessment study of call centre in-ear noise levels (using artificial ear to assess acoustic shriek)
  • ŸNumerous Water Board noise exposure assessment and hearing loss evaluations
  • Numerous Stevedore noise exposure assessments for hearing loss evaluations