University Of NSW – Kensington Campus New Material Science And Engineering Facility

The new Material Science and Engineering consists of approximately 13,400 m2 of useable area in a 20,000 m2 GFA multi-story building that will house a variety of laboratories conducting material science research.  The building will also contain classrooms, offices and research spaces.

Works included all vibration isolation design of the building and equipment to meet the stringent requirements of the department’s sensitive equipment including electron microscopes.

Commission also included all design related to the acoustic performance of the building including acoustic privacy, room acoustics and intelligibility, noise control and privacy, environmental noise emission, mechanical services noise control, control of specialist equipment noise.

Equipment isolation was a particular challenge given that the building accommodates a host of vibration sources including fatigue rigs, rolling mills and jaw crushers (used to test materials) as well as mechanical services such as an emergency generator.  For example, a special two-stage vibration isolation system was custom designed by SLR to support the generator.  This achieved >99% isolation at the run-speed of 25 Hz.  Ensuring the equipment was isolated at the source, as well as isolating the SEM/TEM suites, was critical for meeting the stringent VC-E criterion.